Code of Conduct

Boston Blend exists as a multicultural and intracultural event meant to bridge the gap between the various dance and racial communities in Boston and beyond. As such, any discriminatory, intolerant, or micro-aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. We are clearly expressing these needs as this event will attract people from varying backgrounds and experiences. Please take this as a guideline and as statements of welcome and conduct.

At Boston Blend, we take consent seriously. Personal consent for any action is required both on and off the dance floor. The definition of Consent for these purposes is the explicit permission or agreement for an action or situation to proceed. Consent will not be considered given in silence. Consent cannot be given if coerced. Consent is the willing response of any individual directly involved in any particular situation.

Consent on the dance floor begins with the asking to dance. Please verbalize your invitation before engaging physically with a person. The phrase, ‘Would you like to dance?’ is the most socially acceptable. A lead or follow can ask to dance. The person asked can refuse a dance for any reason and is under no obligation to provide a reason. Their answer is final. They are allowed to answer ‘yes’ to any other person for that same dance with no questions asked. The turning down of one invitation does not prohibit the person from dancing.

Any person is welcome to lead or follow. For the purposes of this event, those instigating movement is deemed as ‘lead’ and those receiving the movement is deemed as ‘follow’. You can choose either of these options with no reference to skill level or gender expression. Dips and other non-basic dance expression or activity should be conducted only after successful consent and permission has been received.

If at any point at Boston Blend you feel unsafe, please let a member of staff know. We will work with you to provide a cohesive and supportive response that is respectful of your personal wishes. We, as a community, have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our fellow peers. Should you believe that someone is acting in an unsafe way or in a manner that does not embody the consent culture required by this institution please notify a member of staff immediately.

And always- Consent should be enthusiastic, audible, and honest. When someone says ‘no’ they mean no, and only ‘yes’ means yes. And we, the Boston Blend Organizers, stand by this statement and give a firm confirmation of our support of consent culture.

By attending this event, you are agreeing to this code of conduct. We, Boston Blend, have the right to deny entrance or ask to leave should this document be violated.