Scott Freeman

Scott Freeman represents Original SteppersofBoston. The Original Steppers of Boston Inc 2006, is the first and founding chapter that practices and teaches the dance known as "Chicago Style" Steppin'. We are committed to promoting the culture and grace of "Steppin" in the Boston community and New England. More than ever we strive to continue to bring you the best we have to offer through certified instruction, events and Steppers Sets.

Stephen York

I'm Stephen York, a member of the Blues Dance community in Boston since it was established in 2008. For three years I was the head organizer of the nationally known Blues workshop weekend, Sweet Molasses Blues, but turned that over to another dancer so I could focus on creating Boston Blend. I also DJ at a variety of Blues events around the country, and teach at and help organize local dances. I focus on the Blues, but I'm also a long time Swing Dancer and have been excited to learn Steppin' with the Red Velvet Steppers.

Andrew Selzer

Andrew Selzer has been organizing dance events the last five years starting in State College, Pennsylvania and more recently in the Boston Metro area. He has run multiple events with; several hundreds of attendees from surrounding states, international swing dance instructors teaching classes, and accomplished jazz bands playing for the dances. Locally he is a board member and organizer for Boston Lindy Hop, a swing dance organization in Boston that offers classes several nights a week. In addition to all of this he has been a swing dance instructor and DJ for the last seven years.